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I Like Your Work: Conversations with Artists, Curators & Collectors

Feb 21, 2020

I absolutely love the work of Nadia Waheed and am excited to have her on the show! Nadia has lived in places such as Islamabad, Paris, Sydney, Cairo, and the USA. In this episode, we discuss relocation, identity and how it plays into her work. She states that the figures in her paintings are herself ­ but also others: “The women are me, but also others. They’re two women, but also one woman…women contain multitudes”. We dive into topics of sexism, racism, and creating safe spaces. This episode examines and asks what does it mean to be a painter and a woman given our current political and cultural climate. Parts of the interview get personal and address heritage, religion, feminism and of course, painting.
Born in Saudi Arabia but originally from Pakistan, Nadia Waheed (b. 1992, BFA 2015 School of the Art Institute of Chicago) makes large scale allegorical figurative paintings that are partially autobiographical and explore female selfhood, vulnerability, and cultural trauma. She has upcoming group shows with Patel Gallery (Feb 27) and Arsenal Contemporary NY (March 6) as well as a solo with Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami for Miami Art Week ‘20. She has lived and worked in Austin since mid-2018.
Relocation and bouncing between continents
Drawing since the beginning
Women in painting
Women as multifaceted beings
Creating Safe Spaces
Sexist/Racist comments but not having to educate everyone
Kevin Wolfe
“The Only thing that matters is to make a good painting”