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I Like Your Work: Conversations with Artists, Curators & Collectors

Apr 12, 2024

Laura Sallade is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. Sallade earned a Certificate in Sculpture from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and is completing a coordinated Bachelors of Fine Arts at The University of Pennsylvania. During her time at UPenn, the artist has also worked toward a Certificate in Positive Psychology and an Advanced Certificate in Creative Writing. While completing her degree, the artist has worked at the intersection of painting and glass, exhibiting in New York, Philadelphia, and beyond, creating large scale multi panel works. Her most recent solo exhibitions include Cairn University in 2023 and Massey Klein Gallery in 2022. Notable group exhibitions include the Susquehanna Art Museum, Future Art Fair, and The Woodmere Art Museum. Laura has completed public commissions for Atlantic Aviation Airport, Jefferson Hospital, and The Ritz Carlton, among many others. Recent awards and residencies include The SIM Residency in Iceland, The Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship, and The Nextfab Fellowship. Laura is currently preparing for a two person show at Works on Paper Gallery in Philadelphia.

"Without light we can’t see matter—inversely, without matter we can’t see light. This interdependent relationship is the crux of my practice. I’m interested in colloquial references to light as a fleeting presence—a shadow appears, the sun sets, a beam of light enters the room. In reality, we know that light is the constant and we are the variable—it’s our physical world that is shifting, our planet that is rotating, our galaxy that is hurling through space. I observe these paradoxical understandings of the world and emphasize our skewed perception of light by capturing moments of flux. Using glass, silver, and mixed media, I investigate the link between light and matter. Integrating scientific and intuitive processes, I create evocative gestural works that walk the line between image and object. Rather than rendering light, I rely on its interaction with opaque and translucent shapes and textures to capture the ephemeral. Paying homage to the fickleness of memory, I indiscriminately excavate large portions of a composition through hand-cut elimination and rely on suggestive remains."




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