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I Like Your Work: Conversations with Artists, Curators & Collectors

May 3, 2019

FATE Conference 2019
"The Secret Handshake"
The mysterious inner workings of academia, museum and gallery systems, and granting agencies are not always evident to individuals who desire to work with/in them. If only we had insight into what the hiring committee/ granting agency/ juries were thinking, we could customize our submissions materials to be most appropriate. We all know that we need to have sharp images and equally strong written content, but what are the more nuanced things that we should be taking into consideration? This panel invites individuals who have been on search committees, juries, or other relevant committees who will share their experience and insider knowledge of the selection process. Also, it invites individuals who have found successful ways of navigating these systems from the outside from managing their academic career to finding and creating exhibition opportunities. Sometimes it seems like you need to know the secret handshake to be successful in academia and the arts; this panel seeks to let people in on the secret. 
"The Successful Candidate: Two Perspectives on the Tenure-Track Faculty Search Process"
Amy Broderick, Florida Atlantic University
Corey Lamb, Florida Atlantic University
"Giving It the Ol' College Try"
Jessica Burke, University of North Carolina Charlotte
"Finding the Candidate that Fits the Glass Slipper"
Kathy Liao, Missouri Western State University